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Watercolor Shape
A Design Ideas Competition


Recreating spaces of today into a better, liveable, and comfortable spaces for tomorrow
  1. Is the "in-SIGHT" design ideas competition open for students?

    • Yes, this competition is open for landscape architecture students (undergraduate, graduate, master's, PhD, etc.), landscape architects, and young professionals (35 years old) with a degree in landscape architecture studies. Other related studies, regardless of degree level, are also encouraged to register and submit.

  2. We are very interested in participating in this competition and are wondering if it is necessary to register a YLAA member before submit the design file?

    • Yes. To begin, simply register as a YLAA member at for FREE. After that, click the Submit button to complete your design.

  3. Do we need to pay the registration of this design competition?

    • No, you do not have to pay. The competition registration is completely free.

  4. For visualizations, is it necessary to make renders or can I present hand-sketches?

    • Yes, hand sketches can be presented. There are no restrictions regarding presentations as long as participant is submitting a digital copy satisfying the requirements specified in the brief. 

  5. Is this competition for individual or team?

    • This is an individual competition. To apply, you can only submit one entry with a maximum of three images.

  6. What if I still have questions related to the briefs and the competition after the Registration?

    • In case of any query, please contact us at  which is only valid for this competition. Please feel free to send your questions to us with ‘FAQ-Your Name’ subject until the deadline of submission. 



  1. The competition is open for IFLA-APR Young Landscape Architect’s Alliance Network members only based in IFLA-APR Member countries. Interested participants must first register as a new YLAA member at before completing the competition registration form.

  2. All participants must have an active email address to establish communication with the organizers.

  3. All entries shall be original and may be digitally or manually drawn in A3 Size. Entries also must have a resolution of at least 100 DPI saved in .png format. It should not contain any identifying marks or watermarks. 

  4. The creator of the entry shall be held accountable for any issues that may arise including, but not limited to the originality and authenticity of the artwork.

  5. In countries or regions that have strict lockdown restrictions, participants are allowed to use images that are either in the public domain or must be licensed under a CC BY-SA or Creative Commons License. Proper credit to the original owners of the photographs must also be incorporated upon submission.

  6. Participants are only allowed to submit one (1) entry. However, they may submit up to three (3) image files of their work.

  7. Upon submission of the entries, the participants consent to display their artwork in an online exhibit on Facebook and Artsteps, and to use their artwork for marketing purposes of the organization through its various social media platforms.

  8. Three (3) winners shall be selected based on the criteria formed by the organizers, and one (1) winner shall be awarded the Peoples’ Choice Award through online voting on Facebook based on the combined number of reactions and number of shares. The judges’ decision on the winning entries shall be final.


How to Submit

  1. Participants are required to submit their entries to the provided link with the following file format: Country_Last Name, First Name_Title of Entry.png. A brief explanation of their entry is also required to provide context for the judges.

  2. The participants may only submit once by clicking Submit Now.

  3. The entries shall be judged by six (6) judges who will be receiving the entries renamed as numbers for the purpose of objectivity and anonymity. No other identifying marks relating to the creator of the artwork shall be incorporated in the entry. 

  4. The deadline for submission of entries is on November 30, 2022. Entries submitted after the specified deadline will not be accepted.

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Watercolor Shape


Watercolor Shape



Watercolor Shape


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